Laptop service will quickly and professionally eliminate the problem related to the equipment in your company so that you can work on your device as quickly as possible.

Laptop service

We are a company that has been repairing laptops of many brands for many years. We have specialized equipment, qualified staff and many years of experience which allows us to quickly and reliably repair the equipment, taking care of your satisfaction.

What do we do?

-Replacing the power socket in your laptop
-Replacement or repair of cooling systems
-Replacing and increasing RAM
-Processor exchange
-Laptop motherboard repair
-Exchange of graphic cards in a laptop
-Internal battery replacement
-Installation of the system
-Application software installation
-Changing the case
-Hard drive replacement
-Data downloading
-Laptop drive replacement
-USB port replacement
-AUDIO port replacement
-TOUCHPAD’S exchange
-Matrix exchange
-Replacing signal tapes
-Keyboard replacement in a laptop
-Replacing the soldered keyboard
-Camera replacement
-Replacing the speakers
-Replacing buttons
-Repairing your laptop after flooding

Laptop service performs a detailed expert opinion with an estimate of repair costs. If it is impossible or unprofitable, we will inform you about this fact. We are a company that carries out laptop service with all safety rules, which is very important in the repair of equipment used at work. We know how difficult every moment in the office is without a laptop, so we perform diagnostics incomparably fast.

What do we repair?

We invite you to contact us, we will prepare an individual offer for you