Warehousing, logistics services and distribution of spare parts and replacement products

QUADRA-NET has the appropriate storage facilities to provide warehousing services consisting of:

  1. Control and maintenance of the spare parts and replacement products, necessary for warranty repairs.
  2. Providing adequate storage space, necessary to maintain the slope of spare parts and replacement products
  3. Distribution of spare parts and replacement products for warranty and non-guarantee repairs. QUADRA-NET ensures the dispatch of parts to the local service within 24 working hours of the order.
  4. Delivery of replacement equipment for Customers
  5. Running a return warehouse for products after replacement:
    1. Introduction of an on-line return control system after replacement
    2. Checking the validity of the exchange – clarifying inaccuracies
    3. Classification of products by further use
    4. Storage of whole products – there may be products after replacement that can be repaired in the future – temporary lack of parts
    5. Disassembly of the product into spare parts – description of the parts, introduction to the warehouse
    6. Warehouse management of parts from demolition – shipment to service centres for reuse for warranty repairs

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