Outsourcing usług serwisowych

We give a second life to used equipment

In December and January we donated 7 laptops to charges of the “Nasz Dom” and “Zakątek” day care centers in Poznań. We are happy when our equipment gains a second life and helps young people expand their knowledge and develop their passions.

Do not throw it away – use it for good purpose
For QUADRA-NET supporting the needs of the local community is extremely important. For over 10 years we have been helping children in orphanages to repair their electronic equipment and provide laptops, which are especially useful in the era of remote learning. We are aware that there are still many children in Poland who are digitally and electronically excluded, therefore we are currently conducting an action in which we collect broken equipment from our clients, repair it and pass it on.

  • Children brought up in educational institutions usually cannot count on the care of their closest family. What seems to be a standard for other children, e.g. having their own computer, is often out of reach for them. – notes Artur Nawrot, director of the Orphanage No. 3 in Poznan. – Thanks to strangers, but big-hearted people, our wards have a chance to use the benefits of modern technology and with their help develop their interests and passions.

Making the world a better place is easy
Our collection campaign shows that our customers are happy to donate appliances that have lost their value over time or are faulty and unnecessarily take up space. We are happy to repair them and give them to children, for whom such a gift is often a dream come true.

Helping people in need is a permanent feature of the QUADRA-NET mission. In addition to typical material support, we are happy to participate in unusual actions, such as planting trees together with children or integration bonfires. – It is touching that the children named one of the trees Wiesław and Anna and the other QUADRA-NET. – says Wiesław Urbaniak, President of the Management Board of QUADRA-NET. – It is worth remembering that even what seems to be a small gesture for us, has a meaning.

Good comes back
We believe that good comes back and we get what we send out into the world. Sometimes a small effort can repair someone’s life and arrange their world anew, so we invite you to cooperate.

We take care of TVs, laptops, phones and home appliances. Smaller equipment can be sent to us by any form of shipment. For larger equipment, we send our technicians to assess its quality and potential on-site. Just contact us by email (infolinia@quadra-net.com) or phone (+48 61 853 44 44).