Types of customers



QUADRA-NET invites insurance companies to cooperate in the field of electronic equipment loss adjustment.

QUADRA-NET has extensive experience in the liquidation of damages due to extended warranty, accidental damage, devastation, flooding, overvoltage, we also offer to replace electronic equipment in case of robbery or theft. We provide services in the field:

  • Full service of insured damages
  • Control of the loss adjustment process in terms of cost, time and quality of customer service
  • Performing inspection of damaged goods and drawing up an expert’s report, which includes:
    – Service opinion on the validity of the claim
    – Repair pricing (labour, transport, cost of parts)
    – Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of repairs together with valuation of a new product with the same or similar parameters
  • Organizing the repair of damaged goods on site, if possible, or organizing the transport of damaged goods to the service and repair at the service,
  • Organization of exchange of goods for new ones and their transport,
  • Assembly and installation of products after replacement
  • Organisation and supply of replacement equipment
  • Receiving from the client statements, due amounts resulting from the client’s own shares in the damage, copies of documents needed in the process of liquidation of a specific type of damage.
  • Cooperation in preparing a response to the complaint.
  • Preparation of analyses, reports, statistics according to the insurer’s needs
  • Purchase of equipment after total damage or disposal of equipment

QUADRA-NET can offer a Call Center service, where a professional team of liquidators will perform activities related to the handling of damage:

  • Determination of causes, circumstances and consequences of an insurance accident
  • Determining responsibility or lack of responsibility of the Insurance Company for damage
  • Determining the participation (complicity) or responsibility of third parties
  • Registration of damage in the system
  • Maintaining and handling incoming and outgoing correspondence in the scope of reported losses (also archiving all documentation and making it available at the request of the Insurer or the Insured)
  • Conducting ongoing damage control

For the purpose of each project, a person or a team of people is appointed:

  • Performing current analysis of the service action
  • Referral of damages to appropriate services
  • Cost control of spare parts
  • Control of service delivery time and contact with the customer
  • Acceptance of final costs, checking the final settlement for completeness
  • Explanation of disputed, difficult situations
  • Consideration of service complaints from the Client
  • Ongoing contact with loss adjusters

Thanks to cooperation with QUADRA-NET you get:

  • Reducing the time to eliminate damages
  • Reduce liquidation costs with our own spare parts cost control system
  • Determination of lack of responsibility of the insurer for more than 30% of reported losses
  • Reduction of total damage
  • Customer satisfaction with comprehensive, fast service
  • On-line system of registration and liquidation of damages
We invite you to contact us, we will prepare an individual offer for you