Reporting system

For professional service of entrusted tasks, QUADRA-NET uses its own reporting system. It is an integrated, modern IT system (QLS) allowing for comprehensive handling of requests, which can be transmitted to and from external systems.

We offer a system designed to register orders and direct them to the registered services. The system enables observation of the process of customer service and equipment by assigning appropriate statuses, also accounting for orders for the needs of customer service.

Through an organized logging system it is possible to observe the orders transferred to the service. QLS is an on-line solution which enables access for authorized users, including stores, (login and password) from any place and at any time.

For the purposes of cooperation with our current Contractors, the system has been equipped with automatically generated documents in a PDF file: repair card, information about the impossibility of warranty repair, receipt for equipment, replacement equipment handover document and other automatic documents necessary in the process of customer service.

An additional advantage of the system is the possibility of automatically informing the Customer via sms/email about the status of the service, at each stage of its realization.

The QLS system cooperates with many external systems of our Contractors and is adjusted to their individual needs. Thanks to its innovation, there is a possibility of current (in real time) data transmission to external systems.

Through QLS system we can run a warehouse system and control the process of product exchange.

The system allows for the generation of reports, statements, preparation of analyses not only concerning the operation of the service, but also deliveries and consumption.

The advantage of the QLS system is its great flexibility and adaptation to the needs and requirements of our Contractors. On the other hand, its versatility gives a sense of comfort to our Service Partners.

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