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QUADRA-NET provides comprehensive service for consumer electronics. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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Full professionalism at every stage.

Marzena - Poznań

Professionalism, friendliness, punctuality, super service gentleman.👍

Denis - Opole

Highly cultured demeanor and professionalism while helping to better understand the installation of equipment operation.

Tadeusz - Prudnik

My hardware problem has been successfully resolved

Adam - Drezdenko

Speed of service and problem resolution, as well as quality of service and professionalism.

Witek - Wałcz

Full professionalism, very good contact with the service, professional and fast implementation of the service

Kinga - Chodzież

Prompt and factual handling of the matter ,
Instructions on how to use the device

Julita - Opoczno

Very professional service at the service desk and on the phone

Tomek - Kraśnik

The gentleman who serviced me was very professional, patient and kind. I received a phone call from the service gentleman who wanted to coordinate with me what was going on with the vacuum cleaner. Highly recommended!

Lucyna - Płock

Professional approach to the subject, i.e. quick repair and short training on how to proceed in order to avoid further defects of the equipment!

Marcin - Olsztyn

Contact with the service, electronic confirmation of accepting the repair, fast service realization time

Rafał - Zbąszynek

A service technician who listens carefully to the comments of the user of the equipment and a mechanic who, while repairing, improves or replaces elements that may cause a problem or breakdown in the future. I love people who add something from thems

Renata - Leszno

Professional service of the customer receiving the device for repair and professional and timely repair. A word of appreciation for sending the repaired device to the address of the customer.

Karolina - Warszawa

Professional attitude, promptness and courtesy.

Aga - Zielona Góra

Speed and quality of service and contact at the highest level

Ilona - Strykowice

Service quality on a European level.

Błażej - Helenówka